On Rainbow Gatherings
Dagan Jurjans
Monday, March 27, 2017

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  1. What happened
    18 May, 2017
    What happened
    Robberies are like the nebulous events that have always been around me but never occurring to me. They had become an ordeal for many other bicycle tourists and backpackers whom I've come across, but never myself. From pickpocketers to muggers, I had experienced none of it. I once got scammed in Mexico 3000 pesos by an artisanal friend who claimed he needed the money to buy a donkey, only to buy a bunch of food for all the artisans in town. Also, I was hoodwinked in Honduras by kids claiming to
  2. Captain Jackass
    02 May, 2017
    Captain Jackass
    Sailing the seas with captain jackass and the boat with no name My hearts beating out of my chest as I wake up with a start to waves crashing at the side of the boat, things are tossy and turny all over and I feel fear. Fear for the Carribean seas, fear for my choices I made the previous day, fear for putting my life in the hands of two people I don't know at all. Just how many drinks they had that night and how/why they desperately needed my money were questions I should have answered before
  3. Bikes, boats n bullshit
    01 Mar, 2017
    Bikes, boats n bullshit
    It's a strange feeling when you realize how little life makes sense while you're in it, like seeing beyond the veil, or lucid dreaming. I am doing what I love to do but only in exchange for the bare necessities which many people spend their lives getting away from, reaching for stability and security. I have referred to everything I own with a wave of my arms in the direction of my loaded bicycle for quite some time now. I hope to continue this way. most of my friends have careers, car